A downloadable Speed runner

NOW AVAILABLE ON STEAM: http://store.steampowered.com/app/544310/

Jumps is a Fast paced, Low-poly FPS platformer, The alpha includes 10 levels showing off the the unique mechanics and worlds.

Join the Kiwiforge community discord for announcements and Jumps discussions: https://discord.gg/XwSvJ9B

If you want to follow the games development, you can follow Kiwiforge on Twitter and Youtube.

Install instructions

1) Extract the contents of JumpsAlpha.zip

2) Run alpha v1.2.exe

3) Enjoy!


JumpsAlpha.zip 50 MB


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A fairly simple game, but this simplicity is what makes this game fun. I did some speedruns of it, and got a 2:53. My only complaints are the sound track, which only contains one song. This song isn't necessarily bad, but I had to mute the music because of how repetitive it got. Good luck to any projects you make in the future, as this one turned out very well so far. :)

I really enjoyed the fast pace of the game, and other than finding a glitch on level 7 and a few problems with the icicles, it seemed very well made.

Thanks :)

i was torn with this game, it has a lot of excitement to it, but once realizing i had no actual control of the game, it felt bland, i felt like i was on a train-track, one wrong move from the pre-determined path and i fail. i think my video explains well, keep it up though, just add some freedom :)

Thanks, The levels will have more paths and choice in the future, the whole idea is to save your jumps and use them effectively, which i dont think you fully understood, especially on the last levels.


well i would have completed the game as i got to the last rocketlauncher but the projectile is very slow compared to the player speed and i swear i suffered a projectile and gun load stutter, so i'd pick it up, get a minor frame drop, shoot, have a hick, and then slow projectile comes out missing the edge i aimed at, or maybe the momentum is transferred from the players relative momentum? i quit out like that more for comedic reaction to the glitching through the gear. i felt some levels had more give for creativity, but others made you have to do something and it was more about completeing it as you already know how to than being efficiency. if you give more room for the player to work with, you'll allow a more casual playerbase aswell and those who are ambitiously inclined will take it to the next level and set records


This game is awesome. I absolutely adore the art style and love the music. You should add some more power ups, like a grapple hook, and a level editor! That would be awesome! ;)

Really fast paced and great sound choice. got some brief errors at the beginning where the world wasn't showing up. possibly check in which order your codes are running. brilliant concept tho.

Thank you for the kind words :) appreciate it.

A few people have been getting this same error, I'm looking into it, thanks.

1st :P :D